segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2011

Boas novas

Cedric: "Sorry no spanish on this record, no zeppelinesque voyages, no santana like flourishes or vishnu accuasations. no congas, no hammond organ stabs, no 30 minute songs, no drums that sounds like mosquitos buzzing in your ear. just future punk. ...thats the only way to describe it from my point of view.

some of our new record is a mutated exageration of the direction of the song copernicus....not all but some of it.

yes i am working on a book for the new record where the songs sort of serve as trailers for the actual book. as to wether it is any good....shit who sure people will laugh or maybe they will like it? either way its gonna happen.

fingers crossed it will be ready for the record version maybe not the CD im trying. copernicus was my homage to julie cruise who is one of my favorite singers. some of u might no her from the movie eraserhead. she sings in heaven and also is the singer at the pink room in twin peaks. i have a couple of her albums. she is truly angelic.

no there is no conga solo on the new record, in fact there is no percussion like that on the new record. if there is it is minimal and blown like a chad blake?tomwaits production. we have been there and done that...its time to move on."

AQUI uma entrevista muito interessante com o Omar, já ali linkaram de lado, mas fica registado.

A banda marcou o seu primeiro concerto de 2011 para a Europa. O festival Sonisphere é o local, no dia 9 de Julho. Será que passam por cá?

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